Hotmail Login – How To Create a Hotmail Account?

Hotmail Login: An email account is useful these days because almost all the activities that we perform are in online mode. As you need to keep in touch with friends families and keep updated with official works as well, so having an email account is necessary. Similarly, Hotmail is one of the best emailing services that is essential for creating a wider world through internet. Online shopping, making video calls video conferencing and downloading videos and music is very common in this present generation. So, having a Hotmail account is the basic steps compare to of these activities that you does online.

Hotmail is the premium email service which was also known as the first web-based free mail service that availed people free mail services. In this post, I will tell you how to Create Hotmail Account and Hotmail Login. Keep reading this post to know more about the features of Hotmail service.

Advantageous features of Hotmail:

  1. It gives a security from phishing attack and allows for easy browsing.
  2. You can easily access to Microsoft offices and easily edit view and share documents. It also allows you to do the slideshow without Microsoft Office on your Pc easily. After you edit your presentation, it is saved automatically in Skydrive.
  3. You can now easily do real-time document collaboration with your friends via Hotmail. So, this way multiple Hotmail users can do this simultaneous task. You will able to view the editing done by others at the corner below of your device screen.
  4. It enables you to send huge files easily by the integration of Skydrive with Www.Hotmail.Com. You can send upto 10GB size files easily in a single mail. Enjoy the free space upto 25GB on hosting on Skydrive.
  5. You can instantly share images by uploading it on Skydrive, and you can easily have a view of all those images.
  6. Hotmail allows you to filter all your emails by using the Social updates option. You can easily separate the emails of regular contacts with that of a group.
  7. There are various images, video links that you receive on your Hotmail Login. So, you can now open a link on the new tab, and Hotmail will recognize it automatically. It will also add a thumbnail, and you can watch it on your email itself.
  8. You can now view all the conversation together on you Hotmail easily. Just click on the “Arrange By” and choose “conversation” on the drop down. You will find all the conversation along with time and date.
  9. It has the feature of removing Spam which filters out all the emails. The spam of Hotmail is divided into category “Spam” and “Greymail.”
  10. It allows you to make a free text messaging from within the Hotmail Inbox itself. You can click on the name of any of your contacts and start chatting. It also let you view the status of your friends and contacts.

How to Create a Hotmail Account?

Hotmail Login

Hotmail is one of the largest subscriber-based email services with many novelty features. Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia are the main people behind the creation of Hotmail service, but they sold this service to MSN later. In the recent years after the handover, various changes and rebranding have been made by the MSN for its better functioning. For creating a Hotmail account, you can easily follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, you have to visit the official website of Hotmail
  • If you have a created account earlier than just click on Sign Up button for access.
  • The page will be redirect to the account creation page. Click on the “create an account” option now.
  • Enter the necessary details in the page like name, password, email ID, etc., on the directed page.
  • In the directed page, you will have to enter your first name and last correctly, and on the next page, you have to enter a username.
  • Enter 8 digit passwords by creating on your own, and you can use your phone number also. However, make your password tough for better security.
  • You will now encounter a security question, and you choose any 5 characters from the options available. It is follow by next page where you are require to enter your region or country, birth date, zip code, gender, etc.
  • Once you are done with everything, you will need to enter key in captcha code. It is provid on the box.
  • Finally, after the completion of all the steps, click on the “create account” option. Your Hotmail account is successfully create, and you will need to sign in for every access.

Hotmail Login procedures and steps:

There are two login processes that are use for better security purposes. So, these are the extra advantages security option which requires verification. So, these steps will be maintain for every access and login to Hotmail. Here below are some of the steps mention for single code login:

  1. First of all, check the options for using the single code options and for login purpose.
  2. You have to set the phone number which is use while creating the account, as the verification code comes in the given number.
  3. Go to the Security settings and add the phone number to your email account.
  4. Now the phone number will be register, and you can easily use this single code login option.
  5. The single code login option is not available for all the option, and you will need to check the locations structure before availing the option.

How can you manage your Hotmail?

There are various ways to manage your Hotmail account for its better functioning. Here are some of the ways mention below:

  • You can organize the messages of your email in different folders.
  • You can easily create custom folders using Hotmail.
  • Go to the email settings and click the option automatic sorting function.
  • You can select the best theme that is available and makes your mail homepage look beautiful.

Hotmail is the best email service available which is host by the MSN. I hope that after reading this post, you are aware of how to create Hotmail account and Hotmail Login. So, use this best mailing service on your device and experience its best features online.

Updated: January 9, 2018 — 3:07 pm

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