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Forgot Gmail Password: When it is about email, it worth specifying the name of Gmail. As of now, Google is commanding the online market in a few angles. What’s more, Google-possessed Gmail is the best email benefit till now. Indeed, it takes the pride as world’s no.1 email service. Many purposes for being the successful webmail benefit. You realize that the majority of the Google items ruling in its class and the vast majority of these Google items are Gmail situated.

That implies, to utilize the majority of the highlights of those Google items you will require a Gmail record and this is one reason behind being top webmail benefit. There are likewise many reasons being the best among others. In the event that you are searching for the reasons why it is top player of webmail benefit, Gmail overlooked the secret key and how to recoup, Gmail client benefit; at that point you ought to be perusing this top to bottom survey of Gmail.

Forgot Gmail Password – How to Reset Gmail Password:

Forgot Gmail Password

Hardly you can find anyone of online user, who doesn’t have a Gmail account. You know Gmail is a versatile email service. For these days, email service is a crucial medium to get connected with the family members and friends. It also vital for official purposes to send files and relevant data. But the problem can occur whenever you forgot your Gmail password and can’t access to you Gmail Login account. In this article, I will give you the step to recover the account. You will get everything about the Gmail that you should know about the top webmail service.

So, keep reading this post till the end and I hope you will get the best Gmail review out there. This article will help you recovering your forgotten Gmail account and much more.

Gmail: Reasons Behind Being Top Webmail Service:-

All things considered, before I converse with you about the “Gmail overlooked the secret word,” I will share you why Gmail is number one webmail benefit. In the event that you are pondering to think about the reasons of this, at that point you ought to be perusing this, and here you know some energizing highlights of the Gmail benefit. Numerous email services in the web market, and Outlook is the sprinter up in the best email specialist organization. Despite the fact that Outlook additionally an astounding email benefit gave by the International Technological monster Microsoft, yet appears like Google-claimed Gmail benefit far above among all. Along these lines, here I am going converse with you about its highlights and the explanations for its prominence.

Extra Protection from Malware: Gmail is very safe to use for your computer, as it can remove almost 99.9% virus and check for malware. So that, you can assure your computer and account safety. It can detect all malware attachments in your email. Google is constantly updating its anti-virus to give you the best protection from outside harm.

Massive Storage for Emails: For every Gmail.Com account you get 15GB storage, which is practically unlimited for your email. Those who heavy email user Gmail is a good option. Practically it five times more than the practical need. So, you don’t have to worry about the email space.

Free and Good Service: I have been using Gmail service since 2004 and till now no issue using this webmail service. I have seen only two server down and crashes, which is also for a short time. I am using this best email service for free of cost, and I cannot complain about this. The overall email experience with Gmail is excellent.

Maximum Attachment Size: You can add maximum attachment up to 25 MB. If you want to send an email 25 MB files, then it is possible with Gmail. It is a useful feature, while other email services don’t support more than 5 MB. Sending big files like videos would not be trouble with Gmail service. Because sometimes we need to exchange big files as well, not just normal emails.

Shortcuts for Fast Action: While other email services don’t have this feature, Gmail comes with keystroke shortcuts. This shortcut helps to work with quick action for managing emails. Shortcuts keystroke includes “C” to compose a new mail, “m” to remove selected email from the inbox, press “E” to archive the selected emails. It is also one of the good reason to have Gmail.

Useful Filter: Gmail features a useful filter that makes your email folder a clean space. And the spam handling Gmail is excellent, and this is one of the main feature being a popular email service. It can detect and categorize your email and sort out them according to their label. It makes you email experience better with Www.Gmail.Com.

Gmail Customer Service or Support Team: Regarding customer service Gmail takes pride as well. Gmail customer service and support team is always available to assist you. For any support and queries, you are available to connect with their multiple support options, including user forums and FAQs. Here you get all answer of your questions and FAQs. But Gmail customer service doesn’t include Live Chat or Phone call. However, you get all the answer of your questions. Still, it would be nice to have a Live Chat and Phone call in the Gmail Customer Service and Support team.


Gmail has the legendary customer service:

“We provide a world-class customer service to all our users. 24×7 we are available and please to assist you. For any support such as Gmail forgot password, reset the password, recover account, FAQs and much more.”

You also get support for multiple frequently occurs problems such as “Gmail forgot password,” “Step 2 Verification,” “Recover Account” and much more. If you are also facing the same problem, then you can connect to the Gmail customer service team and fix the issue.

Step 2 Verification – Two Phase Security for Gmail:

Many online thieves are trying to steal your email information. And you should be aware of this or should maintain your Gmail account security.  To add an extra security layer to your Gmail account, you can activate Step 2 verification. By enabling this feature, you will require verifying your account for every Gmail login. Your linked mobile will receive a verification code for every log in process. And you have to enter your received verification code on the confirmation page. After verifying 2-Step Verification feature, you will be redirected to Gmail Log in the page.

How to Start Step 2 Verification?

You know that email security is crucial, you must give importance to it. If you are thinking to activate this feature to add an extra security layer to your Gmail account then here is the process. So that, here I will let you know how to star 2-Step Verification for your Gmail account.

Set up 2-Step Verification:

  • First of all, open your browser and go to you Gmail settings.
  • Click on the 2-Step Verification option.
  • Select Start Setup to activate Step 2 verification.
  • Now you have to follow step by step setup process to proceed your security process.

After finishing the setup, you will be verified for two times, for the very first you will need to provide the verification code. You will receive a verification code on your linked phone number.  After then you will need to logins like before providing your email and email password.

Gmail is a strong leader of webmail service with more than 1 Billion monthly active users. So you can imagine how damn Gmail is successful and popular. But many Gmail user are facing a problem with Gmail forgot password. If you have also forgotten your Gmail password and can no longer access your Gmail account, here is the quick step solution for you.

Gmail Account Safety Tips:

Never compromise with your Gmail account safety or else, you may lose your account permanently. Practicing for your Gmail account security is good. It means you’re keeping safe your emails and files, which are exchange via email. So, here I have come up with the Gmail Account Saftey tips. It will give extra security to your Gmail account and also, this practice would help you in recovering account for the forgotten Gmail password. Directly and indirectly, this helps you in Gmail forgot the password. So keep reading this to know how to secure your Gmail account and how to get rid of “Gmail forgot password.”

  • Keep checking your login session regularly, to check this, scroll down to the bottom. You will get a link of “Last Account Activity.” Here is all update about your all activity. Frequent checking this can help your account from other. If there someone using your Gmail account then you can easily find out seeing this option.
  • To add extra security to your Gmail account always use https or keep this option “On.” By enabling this option, Google can detect your safety issue and update their security setting. Especially while using a public network this option is recommended to you.
  • Keep updating your Gmail account information. By updating this, you will improve your account security and it is useful when you have forgotten your Gmail account. With the linked email and phone number you can recover you forgotten Gmail password, or you can reset you Gmail password.
  • A password is one of the most important for your Gmail account safety. Setup a secure password for your Gmail account, to set a strong password use lowercase and uppercase letters, characters and numbers randomly. Or don’t use your birthday date, your name, phone number, which are easily predictable by someone.
  • Activate 2-Step Verification, it will add an extra security layer to your Gmail account. By enabling this security option, you can enhance your Gmail security. For the spy user, this option will completely make impossible to get involve into your Gmail account. It notifies you for every Gmail login, and you can easily counter any unauthorized access of your Gmail account.
  • Do no share you account password and account information to anyone. And never reply to any emails, which are asking for your account info and password. There can be phishing links with an untrusted email, and you shouldn’t click those links.

Gmail Forgot Password | How to recover account?

Forgetting Gmail password can be your worst situation. You can’t access your Gmail account; hence, you could lose your important emails or files, which are shared by emails. If you also forgot the Gmail password, then you should be reading this. Google provide several options for recovering your Gmail account password. In this section, I will let you know how you can recover your Gmail account. With this quick restore process, you can reuse your Gmail account and get back all the relevant files and emails.

Gmail Forgot Password – Easy Restore

  • To recover your Gmail account, you can use the Gmail account recovery page.
  • Visit the Google Account Recovery Page, if you can’t remember your Gmail password and you have a linked email and phone number then you can reset your Gmail password.
  • Go to the Google sign in page, in below of the page select the “I don’t know my password.”
  • Now provide your email address, which you have forgotten the password.
  • You will get the options to receive the verification code, choose what your linked email or phone number.
  • The Google team will send a verification email and message according to your selected verification method.
  • Check your email or message; this will contain with 4-digits verification code.
  • Provide this verification code on the account verification page.
  • After providing the verification code click “Next” button and proceed to reset password procedure.
  • Now create a new password for your Gmail account, on the password reset page.
  • Enter new password two times to confirm.
  • Click “Next” to finish Gmail reset password process.

So this is how you can reset your forgotten Gmail account’s password. Now with the new password, you can log into you Gmail account. Gmail is service most used email service and I have pointed out why Gmail is the best webmail. Given you, the safety tips for your Gmail account, hope you can improve you Gmail account’s security with my given tips. And also given the solution for the most frequently happening problems such as Forgot Gmail Password, recover account and much more.

I hope you have liked my all-in-one Gmail review. For any queries, you can leave me a comment in the comment section.

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